Spouses of Sex Addicts Group

A 12-week therapy group centered on a Christian perspective towards healing the devastation and trauma experienced as a spouse of those struggling with sexual addiction.

You are not alone. There are others struggling with similar pain and circumstance as you.
This group is for women whose husband, ex-husband, fiancee, or boyfriend struggle with sexual addiction.


Topics covered in group:

  • Responding to discovery
  • Identifying safe people from unsafe people
  • Managing overwhelming feelings or numbness
  • Healing the trauma
  • Grieving the losses
  • Not getting stuck in anger
  • Surviving the disclosure
  • Setting limits
  • Staying sane
  • Admitting fears
  • Rebuilding trust and trusting wisely

Has your life been turned upside down?

Do you fear you are losing ability to trust yourself?
Do you wonder how will you trust again?
Is shame keeping you silent and isolated?
Do you feel overwhelmed by loss?
Are you struggling with horrific relational pain?
Do you feel paralyzed by agonizing fear?

Are you unsure if a marriage can survive, much less heal, from such profound betrayal?

If you can answer yes to some of these questions, this group is right for you!

To begin healing, it is critical to have the support of other women who are going through a similar experience. In these groups, there are safe people who genuinely understand and care about you. Strict confidentiality is upheld by all group members.



Shannon has developed a deep passion for wives who find themselves in this agonizing situation. She began working with addicts in 1988 and has significant knowledge and understanding of the origins, impact, and recovery of addiction. Additionally, she is equipped to work with trauma using EMDR. Statistics say 69% of wives experience trauma upon discovery of the betrayal and many will develop PTSD if they do not pursue healing for the betrayal trauma. Shannon incorporates her expertise in addictions, trauma, grief and loss into her groups and helps foster a sense of community that often continues after group concludes. 

Dates & Times:

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$220 Monthly

To Register:

Call Shannon Johnson at

(281) 277-8811 for pre-screening